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Contrary to what most belief is unlearning is the keys to well becoming out of the local limits of yourself. A ham once told me this (being bigger ideas of what we humans do and are) is about others in other countries as well.

Im being silly on some level but being dead serious on others. This communication hobby is a dynamic level of constant flux called the human condition which can be very emotional for some and they others that find comfort in a Anon board. Being human is like well a box of chocolates. I am referencing a movie forest gump. Until shit happens the ideas seem to fade past humans in the most basic forms. Yes they miss answers, as do I. I believe this is god helping us, however I never can find proof of that. In that is some proof however, which I find a suction to a radio and other intelects using them. Realism however has me to respect those of the ANON or operator, as they are also still people of their own device. Its very hard to find Anons and easier to find hams. However they started in the same basic curious unlearned child’s mind.

This being said I believe in unlearning things, just as must as learning things as humans are have a set hard drive size, set processor speeds, and yet will amaze you as humans. The sport or lack their of then should help you use ham radio to follow and break less rules in the great play room of RF. Just note some dumb people beware not to unlearn to much, its hard not to burn your hand on the stove. However it is nice to remind your self once and while with good planning. Its a way for magic shows to become created.

I feel that this Unlearning thing is in contrast to the Respect and Kaizen of toyota and the Fords before. They is much on that subject online. Being All things dynamic as this leads me to tell you the ham radio hobby will need to be dropped from time to time due to contrast of people hopefully. Sometimes people hide for good reasons, respect of that is a hard to learn for some others never do learn that.

This all being said as a Ham the test is local maxima toward greater mountains into a hobby that is as great as the diversity on the RF waves. Maybe their are aliens too. Lol. So go learn in your way and get on the hamband and maybe “you’ll be happy” or very confused too. I hope you can learn from this. So much more to ham radio than just radio.. please take the words you hear with ideas that understand on others may not understand you. I have learned that you be best to unlearn your bais. Then maybe you can properly bias your amplifier so some harmony can accumulate in a new greater understanding of what is human.