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Contact me if you want TK630/TK690 I have few just email       —> bobwwj555 at

All proceeds go to the W4BWW repeater fund, Please Donate.


My Kenwood Rigs Repeater Rigs:

TK890H , TK790H, TK690H-3, TK690H-1

440, 2m, 6m,  10m  FM  connected to the data switch to rear of the radios to work the foot switch keyer and for the Heil microphone to the top right. One can see the 25 pin cable on the bottom to the box. Still working towards cable management goals.I have 2 sets of these radios and plan to make a monitor station as well for recording and DF’ing fun later.



TK690 Conversion:

Hacked version, IDK :

Software for TK 690 H


Here is another version… (google around…)

USE the Service Manual HERE.

Here is the Instruction Manual.



TK630 Conversion:

Software download of kpg-7d

So not sure what happened to this INFOMation here:      (This guy wrote it… I do not claim it. )

He had a page FULL of stuff… for the TK-630H.

USE the Service Manual HERE, will be where to start….

I collected a word file for conversion from HERE.

Here is the Instruction Manual.