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53.39-  PL-118.8 (TN)

Linked to MS via Allstar on the Same Frequency.

IF we have openings, use the tone for the one you wish. The Tone is on TX and RX.

I use a Siro827 cut down, called the Dominator for my RX, by Norwalk Electronics, I also have a 2 bay co-phased below it for TX. Do I need the isolation? (no). I have set of TXRX duplexers.

Running 300w, with LDF-7/8

Have a 4 bay antenna array to build, and 300 watt amp repair,    lots to do….. (MS )

more bays  more GAIN!! most 440 repeaters use 4 bays……. none of the 6m seem to use more than one bay on 6m due to tower space…. needs…

antenna spacing  on the DB212 is about 12 ft per bay on 6m!!!


Like this one bay:

Under Construction !!