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10 Meter FM rig? They are cheap?  check your hamfest:      (It is part of the General and up band in 29 mhz)

They will sell these at some CB shops, they will be needed to tuned correctly to work well just let them know you want the ham band.

There are used Motorola’s, and Kenwoods that go to the band too on ebay. Most all newer HF rigs will also do the split and tones.

Commercial Lowband:

CDM and Maxtracs etc have low band models look up the numbers

Kenwoods: TK6110-1 (70w) or TK690-1 (110w)   (-1 is the KEY part for 10 Meter )

Vertex Also made some  “low band models” 4000 and FTL

Midland Also made some rigs.. I know little on these.. but they work too..


One that works is the TYT 9800 but it will get warm and run fan long and the “quad band” antenna will disappoint.


Here is a list of the cheaper rigs that work that have tone…


Stryker 10 Meter Radio SR-94HPC

10 meter tone board REQUIRED to use on repeaters FM… They are bought from manufacturer direct. It runs 20 more.


President LINCON-II-Plus



If you can find them


HR-2600  older radio Made by President

Does one tone.


Anytone AT-5555N

Nice rig..